About Us

We make it easy for you to access natural remedies, innovations and talents.

With seven continents and more than seven billion unique individuals, our world is filled with talent, innovation and knowledge that cuts across every aspect of human endeavor. Unfortunately, most of this – including age-long recipes for healthy living that have existed for countless generations – remain hidden. 

This is so because there’s a lack of opportunities and financial strength in many of the locations they’re situated. For the progress of our society, it’s necessary to provide a platform that’s both welcoming and enlightening.

This platform must be devoid of limitations, be it by race, status or location, and it should seek to contribute positively to enhancing the human state through benefits that can be derived from exploring urban cities and most importantly, the rural areas where they have for years used natural remedies to treat infections and viruses such as common cold, influenza, fever and herpes.

This is our aim with Ributs. We believe that collectively building a platform to welcome new ideas and relatively unknown medical practices is a step forward in achieving a greater society. While the importance of modern health can’t be overemphasized, the need to recognize alternative health remedies has been highlighted by Covid-19.


At Ributs, we’re providing a meeting place for you and the expert knowledge you need. We welcome medical practitioners, personal fitness trainers and everyone else with knowledge to benefit those without. Through this, there will be a significant enhancement in the state of health across continents as we unearth proven remedies and deliver them for our usage with no stress.

It’s also important to cater to our mental health through delightful activities. This is why Ributs also provides adequate room for talented individuals to showcase their skills, thus gaining a larger audience in the process and reaching their dreams. Be it singing, dancing, or even a footballing ability, we offer equal opportunities for you to be discovered by potential investors. We believe that regardless of your skin colour, gender or location, your talent deserves the chance to speak for itself.

Our innovation section is curated to encourage and promote all sorts of new ideas. As a global village, collaboration has become a source of strength. Ributs provides the knowledge base you need to improve your ideas by discussing with like minds and sharing needed insights. And if you’re only interested in applying such ideas to your daily activities, you’re welcome too.   

We’re committed to building an international community that impacts lives and creating a serene environment to welcome not only the sharing of ideas but also collaborative efforts to solve the financial needs of our members.

Our Values

Equal Opportunity

Talent has no borders, let us not create one. We’re against any form of discrimination, whether by gender, race or status.


The world is where it is today because of the creatives before us. Our aim is to encourage the sharing of ideas without any limitation.


We believe that progress is in working as one to achieve a peaceful society. Together, we can build a society that will benefit every one of us.