Testing FrontEnd Editor

1.    Case Studies

  1. The following sites each have functionality that is similar to what we wish to achieve on the catering site:

3.      Dominos Website (link)

  1. The Dominos NG website offers different base options for pizza each with prices and ingredients listed out. An extra option is available for customizing to add different crusts, side extras etc.
  2. The customization app is visual with a preview image of the pizza that changes as the pizza is being customized.

6.      Harley Davidson (link)

  1. Offers users the opportunity to customize bikes, with each customization option affecting the overall price of the bike or trike.

7.      Jumia Foods (link)

  1. This Nigerian-based food ordering service allows users to make orders by adding each component of the meal individually into the cart. For instance, if a user wants to buy a plate of rice with coleslaw, extra fish and beef for instance, they would have to add each item to the cart instead of having the entire dish as a single order.

8.    Tools

9.     Core

  1. As far as tools are concerned, options for the core shop engine be broadly summarized into:
  2. WordPress + Woo Commerce
  3. Shopify (+ WordPress)

13. WordPress + Woo Commerce

  1. Out of the box, WordPress can offer functionality similar to Jumia foods – where parts of a meal are added as individual items in a cart – for free. However, to get the option of adding dish extras as a single order, some plugins will have to be installed.

15.  Plugins to enable dish extras

  1. The following plugin options can be used alongside WP + Woo Commerce to add dish extras functionality.

17.   Product add-ons Extension (link)

  1. Contains all the basic features for our use case
  2. $49 per year – no trial, 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  3. 50, 000+ installs
  4. Woo commerce official extension — Support directly from Woo Commerce dev team

22.  Woo Commerce Product Add Ultimate Plug-in (link)

  1. Here is a demo page to give an idea of what is possible with the plugin
  2. Developed by Solo Dev – PluginRepublic.com
  3. $109/Year and $279 for a lifetime license for the pro version (mandatory for our use case)
  4. A lifetime license offers support for an unlimited number of sites.
  5. More features than Woo commerce proprietary extension (which may be useful for subsequent projects)

28.  Payment Gateway Options

  1. Woo Commerce Ships out of the box with Paypal Functionality
  2. Payment-on-delivery and direct bank transfers are available.

31. Shopify

  1. Shopify offers a one-stop-shop solution for e-commerce sites – it handles hosting, SSL, and payment for a monthly fee ($29 for the entry-level plan). The dish extras functionality can easily be added by using ‘apps’ from the Shopify store. This example (built on Shopify using a $7.50/mo app) can easily be adapted to serve our use case.

33. Shopify + WP

  1. Shopify and WP (or any type of site) can be integrated by creating the store independently on Shopify and serving it through an iframe on WordPress or using WP shortcodes. For this option, Shopify charges $9/mo.

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